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Marsha's Plate

Marsha's Plate #201 Breaking Up With 12

featuring Toni-Michelle Williams

On Today’s Menu on Marsha’s Plate:

We talk with Toni-Michelle Williams, Executive Director of Snap Co, about family, navigating identity in college, how we can start abolition right where we are.


Chosen Family - True Colors Theatre Community Conversation (YouTube)

"Where She Leads We Will Follow Her: National Women’s Summit on HIV and Health" 2021 Honorees (YouTube)

Research and Campaigns focused on LGBTQ People, Criminal Justice, and Safety with LGBTQ Institute (LGBTQ Symposium)

DE-ESCALATE: The story of an intense protest on an Atlanta interstate, a documentary by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (YouTube)

When We Fight, We Win! Black Trans Intersectional Liberation Movements on D17 Counseling Psych (YouTube)

Toni-Michelle Shares Her Black Trans Feminist Lens for Abolition on The Turning Point with Angelica Ross (YouTube)

The Artistry of Black Organizing in the 21st Century on Haymarket Books (YouTube)

'The Future of Trans' Documentary on TransLash (YouTube)


Catching Smoke on All Sides: Marijuana Declassification in Atlanta

Catching Smoke on All Sides: Marijuana Declassification in Atlanta

The Georgia Voice | February 3, 2022

"We didn’t advocate alone; the bold leadership of Black and Latina cisgender women and Black male leaders supported us through it all. We fought together, against a system larger than us, and won. 

Like most political conversations in Georgia, the possession of marijuana was and still is a race issue. More than 90 percent of those arrested in the city of Atlanta for possessing one ounce or less of marijuana in 2016 were Black."


Black Queer and Trans Folks Lead the Fight for Police Reform

The Georgia Voice | August 20, 2021

"For years, Black queer people have been at the forefront in the fight against mass incarceration and for criminal justice reform. One such organization doing the work in Atlanta is the Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (SNaP Co). SNaP Co. is an organization led by Black trans and queer people fighting for community safety and investment, queer-inclusive leadership, political power, and prison abolition." 


Sacred Silliness as a Freedom Practice

The Forge | May 20, 2021

"Embracing sacred silliness as a freedom practice invites us to think of freedom as something that we can (and must) embody now — within our bodies, our interpersonal relationships, our organizations, direct actions, and moments of loneliness and grief — as we work to dismantle systemic oppression." 


LGBTQ activists, police chief help decide fate of Atlanta jail

Project Q Atlanta | July 5, 2019

"Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms named at least six LGBTQ people to a task force that will decide how to repurpose the Atlanta City Detention Center."

Transgender people in 'survival mode' as violence rises, anti-trans bills become law

Transgender people in 'survival mode' as violence rises, anti-trans bills become law

NBC News | November 19, 2021

"Just imagine what we could do for our communities — Black trans and queer folks, sex workers, formerly incarcerated people — with at least 3 percent of that funding,” she said. “I definitely just want to encourage people to continue to push and to join our side around what it means to reallocate funding from these large institutions that have so many resources. Our communities are in need of them."


A revolution led by sex workers

Xtra Magazine | August 16, 2021

"In the final installment of the “Protest and Pleasure” series: why trans women of colour sex workers are the thot leaders we need." 

group foto off white.jpg

Positive Transformation

POZ | Feb. 15, 2021

"As the conversation around alternatives to the historically violent and biased U.S. policing system—including restorative and transformative justice models—has gained national attention, so, too, has Williams increasingly been recognized." 


Rapper T.I. named to Atlanta's city jail task force

WSB-TV Atlanta | July 3, 2019

 "A newly formed task force charged with finding a new use for Atlanta’s city jail includes criminal justice reform volunteers, activists, council members and rapper T.I.

The city announced the 25 members [...] to create a task force to repurpose the Atlanta City Detention Center."

Protest & Pleasure: A Revolution Led by Sex Workers

Protest & Pleasure: A Revolution Led by Sex Workers

Midnight Sun Mag | November 4, 2021

"I definitely believe that the more that we are in practice about how we become the experts of our own lives through shared struggle, through our own embodiment of transformation, through communication and storytelling and trust, and relationship-building within community – these kinds of practices allow us to be able to self-govern and create, you know, curate our own culture, and move that culture with the resources that we have." 


Defund the police groups, Atlanta officials are still miles apart on policy

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | July 30, 2021

"City Council meetings were dominated by residents’ and civil rights activists’ calls for police accountability. A year later, these activists say their relationships with City Council remain strained. Those hoping to redistribute police investment said they’re unsatisfied with the government’s response." 


Atlanta's Movers & Shakers

The GA Voice | March 20, 2020

"She is a fierce champion for local business, especially in her neighborhood of Eastpoint. 'It’s always been my dream to be here and to have an impact on my city … and when I found my passion for activism and advocacy, this is where I wanted to do it.'"


Trans Atlanta activist fights against injustice with light

Project Q Atlanta | Dec. 5, 2018

"I have been committed to building the power of black trans people through embodied leadership practices and transformative campaigns that move us toward self-determination, acceptance and wholeness."

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